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Revo Capital’s Growth Support & Platform was precisely built to take our portfolio companies to next level.
We provide support on following areas:

Revo Capital's eagerness & flexibility helped Midas grow through a challenging time. They understood our needs well and acknowledged them promptly...their experience and interest in fintech is of great value to us and have been firm believers in Midas since day one, always making us a priority.
Egem Eraslan
Founder & CEO


Strategy & Global Expansion

Startups all want to grow to their next level, and international expansion should be a key component of their growth strategy. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all global expansion solution for startups & target markets – extensive market research is required before deciding the strategy.

To fully experience the benefits of global business expansion, such as increased revenue potential, a competitive advantage, or reaching a new customer base, startups must comply with local laws, adjust their marketing strategy and often pricing, overcome cultural differences, and approach talent planning seriously.

We have established an extensive network of consultants with go-to-market expertise, and we assist our portfolio companies on their business expansion strategies, conduct market analysis & develop customer acquisition plans.

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The Revo Capital team has been instrumental in fueling our growth since their investment, working closely in realigning our strategy, expanding our network in the VC world, and identifying the best talent contacts to expand our international operations in more than 12 countries.
Çağatay Çulcuoğlu
Co-Founder & CTO

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Finance & Reporting

Implementing the right reporting tools from Day 1 and understanding how to analyze as well as measure data accurately is critical to perform the decisions that will drive the business forward. 

Business decisions should be backed by metrics to ensure a stable backbone for business operations & investor communication. Data based decision making will also make a business more adaptable to an ever-changing commercial landscape.

Therefore, we have included the most important data tracking & reporting tools as our Growth Partners for it to be at the core of all our startups’ strategies, activities, and operations.

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Revo Capital goes above and beyond when we come up with an issue or problem to find a solution. Their support has been critical to connect with investors and we appreciate their help in many different areas such as our global expansion plans, product features & marketing plans.
Orkun Oğuz
Co-Founder & CEO

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Hiring & Talent

Finding talent is hard enough. To differentiate themselves from the countless other employers looking for talents, startups should focus on their technology, their startup spirit, and the vision they want to turn into a reality. If it is a vision people can relate to, this will help enormously in the hiring process.

We’ve found that when you don’t make it someone’s official job to focus on recruiting, you can’t ensure that you’re going to have a great team. Therefore, we have an in-house recruiter on staff as well as a vast network of recruitment & HR partners to assist our portfolio companies.



An effective startup marketing strategy is key to accelerate growth. We assist our portfolio companies’ in establishing a solid startup marketing strategy, including identifying the right customers and ways to target them, including online & offline marketing channels.

Among the hundreds of marketing channels available, it’s critical to choose the ones that will in a cost-effective manner. Therefore, we have partnered with leading marketing consultancy firms to assist our portfolio companies and give them the edge in digital marketing, SEO, email marketing & social media.


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