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CY Vision is a vision systems company with a patented computational holography technology for Augmented Reality Head Up Displays (AR-HUD) for the automotive industry and is the brightest windshield HUD display supporting full 3D images across multiple virtual distances from in-cabin to infinity. 

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CY Vision’s AR-HUD technology provides drivers enhanced safety and superior in-vehicle experience. Today, almost all HUDs are image-based which create an image on a direct-view or micro-display and then “project” the virtual image to a fixed focal plane, typically at the front of the car in an auto HUD. CY Vision’s SLM-based HUD uses eye-tracking to calculate an optimized computer-generated hologram (CGH) to provide an image that mimics human vision. The business model is flexible and aims to eliminate hardware risk and therefore can partner with all types of players in value chain to surround OEMs to be installed in vehicles.

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