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Cosa Smart Room Thermostat allows users to control their combi boilers and air conditioners through their cell phones. It has helped decrease household heating costs in Turkey by 37% on average. Cosa has sold 185,000+ products directly to consumers via B2C channels and resellers as well as B2B clients

Why did we invest?

More than 10 million homes in Turkey use combi boilers and 4 million others use central heating. The Turkish rate of thermostat use is just 5%, while it is 95% in the US and Western Europe. In addition to its B2C offerings, Cosa provides smart remote control the leading home appliance companies in Turkey, embedding the Nuvia system in their combi boilers and air conditioners. It also provides residential energy management solutions including smart energy monitor systems. This helps end users to track their energy usage and get device specific notifications, whilst enabling utility companies to get real time ultra-high-resolution data to be used at peak time management and supply demand analysis.

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